"An intelligent, model-based process that provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with lesser environmental impact."
BIM Introduction

BIM is multi-dimensional

BIM is a transition from 2D CAD based design to 3D model based workflows. But BIM is not just about 3D models. The additional dimensions, that of time (4D BIM) and cost (5D BIM) help take the project to the next level. Not only can BIM be used as a visual planning tool but the entire project management and cost control can be undertaken with the use of a BIM model.
While the 4th and 5th dimensions are crucial during the construction phase, the as-built information and facility data can be incorporated into the model to make it a 6D one. The BIM can therefore act as a single source of truth for the project, delivering value throughout the entire life cycle.
It is important to add building information so that 6D models can be achieved. At Techture we ensure that we follow the global modelling standards right from the inception of the project, keeping the final objectives in mind.

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