Visualise every detail

At Techture, we make sure that every architectural and construction detail can be visualized in 3D with the help of new age BIM tools. This not only helps in better understanding but also makes the design process much more efficient.

Efficient workflows

Not only do we practice BIM enabled architectural workflows for our in-house projects, but we also help other architectural firms embrace BIM and optimize on their deliverables. We help set up the office standards on software like Revit and make sure that the people around us are working on the fastest ways possible.

Better Collaboration

Being a multidisciplinary firm, all projects done by Techture are on BIM platforms. We make sure that we express our buildings' design intent in the best way possible through the use of mobile based collaboration tools and always proactively track how other trades are going to affect the architectural aspects.

BIM is a technology which is changing the way design happens worldwide. It is a more integrated, efficient and collaborative approach to designing buildings of every type and complexity.

Architectural projects at Techture undergo a “Design through BIM process” where the same BIM model is delivered from an initial massing model at LOD 100 level to a more detailed LOD 300 model for finalization of design and generation of the design drawings.

BIM in architecture gives high flexibility to the owners and developers to imagine how the building is going to come in real sense along with the cost, time and constructability parameters.

At the R&D department of Techture, we look at progressive design technologies like parametric design and have been working extensively with platforms like Dynamo and Grasshopper to extend the capabilities of Revit modelling and giving breathtaking designs to our clients.

We utilize the same model after the Architectural Design for Structural and MEP design to give a coordinated and clash free model to all the stakeholders which can be referenced later during construction and taken to higher levels of detail by the contractor.
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