BIM App Development

Workflow automation

Each project has its own challenges. Often there mundane things to be done and deadlines to be met. We brainstorm during such sessions to work out possible algorithms for our programming team to automate those tasks.

Software customization

We use available APIs of industry standard software and develop our BIM App on top of them. This way, users can continue to work on their favorite software while using these apps as superpowers which grant them access to things that cannot be done out of the box.


Our team also uses a lot of DynamoBIM. We use this convenient visual programming tool that helps us get out of some difficult and time taking tasks..

Data Management

Import/Export data from other sources to Revit, like from an Excel spreadsheet, MySQL database or from cloud-based applications

  • Linking excel with revit
  • Bulk export schedules
  • Bulk assign information to model elements
  • Quantity estimation in specific formats

Autodesk Forge Integration

Techture team has a good experience with all Autodesk Forge APIs. We have used them in various capacities, below are some examples:
  • BIM 360 APIs – Bi-directional sync of projects and users with another cloud application
  • Data Management API – Used for programmatically managing files, uploads, downloads to BIM 360 and on Google Cloud
  • Viewer – For rendering models of various BIM formats. We have experience with fully customizing this as per requirements
  • Design Automation – Our Revit team’s plugins have been processed using the newly released Design automation API. One example we used this for was to take in a bunch of Revit family RFA files and place them at a set of coordinates in a Revit file in the cloud without opening Revit.
  • Model Derivative – We have used these APIs to convert a lot of different file formats supported by Autodesk

Geometry Creation & Manipulation

We help build scripts which will help in automatic modelling of Architectural, Structural and MEP components. This includes complex geometry creation as well as reduction of time required to generate repetitive elements.
  • Conversion of CAD to BIM models
  • Algorithmic rule based modelling
  • Generative Design for Design Concepts
  • Doubly curved elements modelling

Standardization & Documentation

We can develop Plugins and scripts which help in maintaining uniform standards across projects.
  • Exporting views from revit
  • Auto Create worksets
  • Rule based Model Auditing
  • View templates setup

Process Automation

We work with teams of our clients to understand their processes and workflows and suggest improvements and automation possibilities to eliminate repetitive tasks as well as achieve results which are virtually impossible to achieve manually.
  • Process optimization can be applied to situations when there are various possibilities of completing a process and it is impossible to enumerate over all of them.
  • With each path there are various costs, incentives and constraints involved. The resultant process should be such that the profits are maximized and costs are minimized.
  • Helps decision-makers take a sound decision without any guesswork.
  • Project scheduling, Resource planning, Construction simulation problems can be solved.

Software interoperability

We use Dynamo as a tool to bridge the gap between different software and use it to transfer geometry as well as metadata.
  • Revit data to IBM Maximo
  • Geometry import/export from Rhino
  • Structural data interoperability with ETABS
  • BIM link with ERP Systems

Delivered Plugins and Dynamo scripts

  • Linking excel with revit
  • Bulk export Schedules
  • Exporting views From Revit
  • Creating Geometry using Dynamo
  • Finding CG of Models From Revit
  • Auto Populate MEP Fixtures
  • Openings Creation Based on Clash Detection
  • Auto Create Worksets
  • Automated Model Audit
  • View Templates set up
  • Bulk Assign Information
  • Auto Annotations
  • Formwork Modelling & Calculations
  • Conversion of CAD to Models
BIM Execution Planning
BIM Model Auditing