BIM Execution Planning

Plan of Action

A BIM Execution Plan is a document highlighting how BIM is going to be implemented across the project. How information is going to be shared, what items are going to be modelled, the IT requirements and pretty much everything else.

Information Requirements

It is very important to outline the level of detail, software to be used and what the end uses of BIM are going to be at the beginning of every project. We work with project owners to develop a comprehensive BEP to address all these issues to make sure that the benefits of BIM are realized.

Enterprise wide implementation

We also assist project owners, consultants and contractors implement BIM workflows across their firms so that they can leverage the benefits of BIM with their own in-house teams.

To successfully implement BIM, a project team must perform detailed and comprehensive planning. At Techture, we believe that to ensure maximum returns on your investment this level of planning is crucial.

A well documented BIM Execution Plan will ensure that all parties are clearly aware of the opportunities and responsibilities associated with the incorporation of BIM into the project workflow. A complete BIM Execution Plan defines the required uses for BIM on a project (e.g., design authoring, cost estimating, and design coordination), along with a detailed design and documentation of the process for executing BIM throughout a project’s lifecycle.

The goal for developing this structured procedure is to stimulate planning and direct communication by the project team during the early phases of a project. Our experience in diverse project sectors has helped us gauge the different kinds of BEPs that need to be prepared for different kinds of projects and for specific scopes of works.

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