BIM Implementation

BIM around the world

Most of the developed countries across the globe are mandating Building Information Modelling. Leading construction stakeholders have endorsed it as one of the most effective technologies in solving modern-day construction site issues.

Why BIM?

The Construction Industry worldwide loses a significant amount of money and time in construction inefficiencies. Building Information Modeling has proven to be an instrumental tool in resolving constructability issues through simulation.

BIM Adoption

The world is welcoming technology with open arms at the construction site. With urbanization scaling new heights every day and everywhere, & smart cities gaining momentum, countries around the world have started adopting these changes.

Implementing Around the World :

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    Open BIM Standards & Commissions
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    Future commissions fixed
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    BIM Programmes Planned
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    Planning on BIM adoption

BIM Implementation Program :

  • Techture organises BIM Implementation programs for Design Consultants, Contractors and Project Owners by creating specific BIM standards, hosting training modules and providing resources and constant support to facilitate the efficient transition from CAD to BIM processes within an organization.
  • Techture brings expertise of delivering more than 200 projects in the BIM implementation domain. We believe that BIM is the next significant change in the AEC Industry. We foster to be a part of this change and assist organisations in embracing and implementing the best technology solutions from across the globe.
  • Our consultants do not focus on textbook software training but provide practical workflows for BIM implementation according to the nature of an organisation. Techture helps companies to make the right investments, recommend the right steps and guide through the best practices. By partnering with us, companies can redeem the advantages of BIM and extract the best project outcomes.
  • Techture has worked with Design Consultants, Contractors, Project Owners, Specialist Subcontractors, Facility Management agencies, as well as Govt. Organisations and understands the organisation specific BIM procedures for different stakeholders in any construction project.
BIM Consulting Stage
  • Finalize objectives
  • Create BIM Execution plans
  • Finalise Hardware & Software
  • Organization chart for BIM Works

Program for BIM Implementation

Structural Consulting
MEP Engineering