Construction Scheduling

Accurate Project Program

The construction schedule for any project can be used to plan all the activities in a time based manner, which can help manage the entire in a much better manner.

Manage Tasks and Resources

With a comprehensive construction schedule prepared by Techture, the project can undergo in a smooth manner as all the tasks and the the resources can be well managed considering the linking of the 3D models to the on-site information.

3D Insights

The construction schedule can be further linked with a 3D BIM Model of the project which enables better visualization and facilitates better construction management.

Construction scheduling is the foremost important thing in construction management and BIM proves to be an essential tool while planning the task during the construction and tracking them thereafter.

As the client has a virtual model of the whole development before the actual construction even starts, we can plan everything accordingly so that it is planned in the best way and also feasible in terms of construction practice.

Techture generates reports relevant for construction management and the added features like 4D and 5D simulation adds a lot of value to the whole deliverable.

Construction Scheduling

Along with a visual insights, we also provide complete step-by-step reports representing the planned construction set against actual time and cost using the generated 4D and 5D BIM simulations.

This allows owners to easily keep track of the ongoing construction projects with enhanced visuals for a better understanding.

Construction Scheduling
Construction Scheduling
Construction Scheduling
Construction Scheduling
  • Important Reports are periodically generated to help stakeholders better understand and manage project requirements.
  • The visual representation adds a diversion to promote better understanding of project execution to all parties worldwide.
4D and 5D Simulation
On-Site BIM Management