Nagpur Metro Double Decker Bridge

Nagpur, India

  •   Scale        5.173 km
  •   Client       Nagpur Metro
  •   Status      Ongoing
  •   Location  Nagpur, India
  •   Sector      Infrastructural

A 5.173 Km Double decker bridge in Nagpur is one of the infrastructural projects in our portfolio to experience full-fledged BIM in its execution. Techture was involved in performing the Structural, Architectural and MEP 3D modelling for the project. Using the BIM workflow and tools like Clash detection and Quantity Estimation, the infrastructure project experienced efficiency in the extraction of Design Drawings since the generation of drawings took place once the coordination procedure was completed, making sure the Design Drawings are Coordinated as well, reducing the constructability issues on site at the minimum.

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Nagpur Metro