Shop Drawing Generation

Consistent Drawings

The shop drawings are generated using 3D BIM Models and hence are consistent with no scope of manual errors. If there are any updates to the model, the plans, sections, details and schedules all update in real time, ensuring correct data in every construction document.

Quick and Accurate

The shop drawing process creation can be automated for a lot of disciplines, ensuring that all the outputs are generated extremely fast and according to a set of defined rules and standards.

Build Offsite

Since we build virtual, we put in a lot of thought into value engineering and planning into how costs, delays and wastage can be reduced. Use of BIM based shop drawing workflows encourages off-site and prefab construction which also contributes to a more sustainable project.


One of the major benefits of adopting the Building Information Modelling technology is simulating the construction process to minimize constructability issues on site. The potential clashes which are going to be there on site are predicted and the coordinated model is used to generate the drawings. This process of coordinating all the services and civil components in a 3D environment before generating the shop drawings adds a lot of value to the process of drawing generation and makes it integrated and devoid of coordination issues or human errors generated due to drafting.

Also, as all the drawings are generated from the Model, all of them are stored at one single place and problems of version management do not occur. The changes in the drawings are automatically incorporated everywhere once the change is done in the model, reducing the time taken for change incorporation to a large extent.

Therefore, the Clash free Model will be used to extract the drawings so that the drawings are coordinated and reside at a centralized location. As built drawings or shop drawings will be generated through the BIM model details and the extent of which would be decided by Client.

Changes implemented in the Model are shown in all the drawings simultaneously due to a centralized system which help reduce the clashes


Shop Drawing Generation

At the initial stage of the project, the BIM process provides an edge over other conventional 2D drawing generation processes in a way which makes the drawings more reliable in terms of clashes as the process of Coordination is run before the generation of design drawings and all the visible and non-visible clashes are eliminated.

4D and 5D Simulation