Case Studies



Case studies of Techture consist of information about the project and steps which where taken to implement and executive the task. Apart from these case studies also consist of various challenges which team faced while working on the project. Techture consist of Co- ordinated Design Leveraging the prowess of BIM, Techture develops MEP design models by iterating on the specifications and sizing of different utility systems. Through 3D modelling, we make sure that the routing for the services are done in a clash free manner, after which all the drawings and quantity related deliverables are generated.

Better understanding in 3D BIM model adds a lot of value to the project in the form of better visualization, clash detection, constructability analysis and more. Apart from being well coordinated, the model gives an added dimension and more clarity to the contractor and other stakeholders during execution.

About international standards Techture has knowledge of design standards for all the major design codes followed and we can effectively carry out design projects and generate deliverables for projects around the globe. Our procedures are commensurate with the increasing use of Building Information Modelling workflows across the world.

MEP Engineering and Design is a complex field which needs knowledge of design standards and also practical workability of the solutions. Techture provides high quality MEP Design deliverables for complex projects and adds the benefits of the BIM led workflow which adds more value than any other conventional CAD workflow.

The level of details and understanding which is provided through the BIM model is unparalleled and gives the client an opportunity to execute all the MEP services and their installation in a smooth and informed manner.

Architectural projects at Techture undergo a “Design through BIM process” where the same BIM model is delivered from an initial massing model at LOD 100 level to a more detailed LOD 300 model for finalization of design and generation of the design drawings.
At the R&D department of Techture, we look at progressive design technologies like parametric design and have been working extensively with platforms like Dynamo and Grasshopper to extend the capabilities of Revit modelling and giving breathtaking designs to our clients.


Dayesh Jaiswal