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Techture has been working to develop custom applications for various clients

What’s especially great about these applications is the fact that they are fully customized based on the requirements of the project or the client. There are no bloated menus, unnecessary functions or exorbitant costs involved. Just simple solutions directly solving the problems at hand.
We can build something similar for you too! Simply fill up a form which will take less than 30 seconds and we’ll get back to you.


Visualize 3D BIM and Sensor Data on the Cloud

Although many buildings utilize dedicated Facility management software, this is often cumbersome to use and almost never connected to the actual Building Information Model.
Techture presents a unique web and mobile-based BIM to FM and IoT Integration for Operations & Maintenance. It has bespoke features that can help with searching assets, preventive maintenance, and visualizing dynamic IoT based sensor data directly in a single app which can even be used on iPads by the O&M team.
Contact us to get a custom quote if you feel like this is the right solution for your project or your organization.


Supply Chain Integration with planBIM

As more and more projects are moving towards concepts of pre-fabrication, precast and DfMA technologies, integration of BIM with the supply chain presents some unique challenges. Techture has created a dynamic and easy to use solution based on Autodesk Forge to visualize the different statuses of materials in the supply chain.
Using the solution, on-site professionals can easily visualize the status of the materials as well as update data directly from their tablets. This solution is completely customizable and can be white-labelled.


New features coming soon

planBIM is a robust BIM management platform developed by Techture which will help you manage your construction projects in a much better way.
We’ve got a bunch of new features coming soon. We’re running a special discount for existing Techture customers.