Techture began as an idea from a hostel room of BITS Pilani. What started as a company providing 3D modelling services has quickly grown to a diverse team of engineering and architecture professionals working round the clock to deliver projects across the globe.
Their passion towards the construction industry is one thing common among all the members of the Techture team. When we began, we were fascinated about how massive an effort goes into any construction project. Whether the project was a small one or a megastructure, we were amazed at how complex things could get.
On the other hand we realized that there was a void in this industry because these projects were not being managed well. There are so many parameters which may go amiss. Traditional ways of working were failing to complete projects on time and as per budgets. This was when we came across BIM. BIM was changing the way people worked. The benefits that we saw back then quickly attracted us to this technology. Little did we know that we were stepping into what would become the foundation of the future smart cities.
Getting into actual projects provided a reality check. Adoption of technology was very slow, if not negligible. Processes were not set, there was no proper documentation in even the largest projects. Mindsets of people involved were conservative. People were averse not just to newer tools but even newer ideas. There was a dire need to improve this scenario.
From the very beginning, we have always looked at it as a problem to be solved. Every day at work, we are always committed to finding newer ways to do what we do. There has been continuous learning from day 1 and this mindset has enabled us to tackle projects of large scales.
Now, the industry is changing. We feel proud to contribute towards it and look forward to how we can augment construction projects even more in the future.
Today, Techture provides various services for the AEC industry which you can know more about here.

In the near future, there will be collaborative efforts to create a digital platform for all infrastructure projects, new as well as existing. These digitally connected virtual buildings will be the conduits to new ways of thinking, designing, building and living. We hope to be an integral part of this connected world and provide cutting edge solutions to deliver projects and solve the world’s problems by relying on technology and innovation.