Aspect Ratio

With the help of virtual reality platform one can get to experience 1:1 realistic representation of the model. In simpler words virtual reality tool enables you to view the model with the actual dimensions as per design.

Better Design Intent

Actual finishes as per design applied on the model which is ideal for expressing design intent. The expression of better design intent facilitates as an effective marketing tool for the client.

Dynamic Representation

Virtual reality enables the user to get a real time dynamic representation of the model which enables the user to make decisions regarding any changes accordingly and the effect of changes can be visualised immediately.


Virtual Reality, as it was designed for gaming, is a tool that can immerse a person inside a virtually constructed environment. 3D modelling and BIM programs, which made huge advancements in the field of project modelling, can now be adapted to VR tools, to visualise a fully virtual representation of an idea in a new dimension at a relatively low cost point. Put simply, the user sees a 3D display through a headset and can get an ‘all-round’ view by turning their head to the side, up and down. Architecture and engineering professionals use BIM models as representations of what the structure should be, after construction. Comparing the physical work to the model is an effective method for upholding consistency and catching discrepancies.
Virtual reality takes 3D modeling to new heights by giving designers the opportunity to work with vivid and lifelike structures, instead of the age-old scaled mock-up models.
Techture is a consulting firm to provide collaborative solution in the field of architecture, engineering & consultancy ( AEC) industry. We deliver extensive virtual design , construction & project management services leveraging building information modelling (BIM), a technology process which is revolutionising the entire construction industry.


The greatest potential of Virtual Reality is as a learning tool. Technologies like Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift allow us to move around an astonishing, high quality projection of the building, learning about the structure at a rate far exceeding traditional on-screen views.