Not just a Render

Techture has expertise in generating high quality rendered outputs from BIM models which can be used for making financial decisions as well as for marketing purposes. These renders are created through engineered models which are based on the design inputs and therefore are much more accurate than any artist's representation.

Virtual Reality

Techture specializes in providing Virtual reality and augmented reality solutions through the BIM model where the mode can be used as an effective tool to navigate around the building, feel it in real scale using new age tools like oculus rift and freeze design options based on these navigable models.

Interior Design

The real time rendering outputs given by Techture are a great help in taking design decisions, for example the interiors of any rooms including the finishes and materials. Clients can take decide which flooring and wallpaper to choose in their living room by putting them on the model and seeing them in real time along with cost implications.
  • “Will the lobby be too congested?”
  • “Will the room have proper lighting?”
  • “Will the enclave buildings cast a shadow on the garden downstairs?”
  • “How large will the hall windows be?”
  • “Is the brick façade of the building in tune with the neighboring buildings?”
Whether the questions are big or small, too complex or too miniscule in detail – we here at Techture provide all the answers and help you “see” and experience the design – before even it is built.
Visualization is often hampered by the viewer’s ability to mentally interpret the 2D drawings as well as by the static nature of the medium. However, with the advent of the 3D Modelling technology and BIM, digital based visualization has revolutionized the way we perceive designs today.
Purpose-built visualization tools are used to augment realism and special animation making the designs authentic and substantial: renderings that resemble movie trailers. For commercial projects, this has become the norm instead of an exception – expanding the visual context of a design idea resulting in greater validation.
Using our engineered and accurate building BIM models, extensively detailed rendered views and animations are generated. This can easily be used to communicate better with stakeholders, owners and clients.
Empyrean Township Visualization